Nytt biblioteksystem fra BIBSYS og Ex Libris

Roger Brisson er strategidirektør i Ex Libris.

Roger Brisson er strategidirektør i EX Libris.

Moving to a next-generation library system (LMS) provides libraries with the opportunity to undergo a thorough assessment of their existing organization and structure. Historically we know that library technology greatly influences the services provided, and this is particularly the case with library management systems. The presentation will look at how the move to a new LMS fits into the strategic planning of a library, and how the move can be leveraged to rethink a library’s services and its organizational structure. In particular, as a library that has now been live in Alma for over a year, it will focus on the strategic planning that took place at Boston University between 2010 and 2012. In so doing, the presentation will highlight the underlying values that informed the leadership team that managed the transition, and will look at share some of the lessons learned in moving to Alma as the library’s new inventory management system, as well as Primo as its new discovery system.